Sunday, November 15, 2009

Current World Events:

If you want your students to get lost in the world, is the place to do it! Each section of the world has its own films in a documentary form with shorter films called "moments" that are great to use if you don't have the luxury of time to view the entire film in class.

There are also photos that are tagged into categories such as "culture". The photos are stunning and offer a great springboard for discussions as well as an incredible source for writing prompts.

Included are interviews with people that are making a difference in that part of the world. These interviews will encourage discussion about what the challenges are in trying to make a difference.

Another great feature is the question of the month. This month's question is: What is the key to a happy life?

This site has it all...high interest video, beautiful photography, and connections to people. Students will love to explore! Teachers will love to use this educational site as a guide to exploring the world with their students!