Friday, May 29, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

The cigarette "fact"ory

Click the pic above to find out every fact you ever wanted to know about cigarettes! You can organize the facts by using the category drop down box.

the "useful" cigarette

Click the cigarette above to explore all the "uses" it has!

some more videos...

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Create your own PSA

Now it's your turn to create a PSA. Choose a peer pressure subject area to create a psa. It can be a poster, video (borrow a flip from the library), podcast, or live role play. It's your choice and your message.

Powerful PSA

Smoking Stinks!

Click the pic above to find out why smoking stinks.

Want to know what is in a cigarette? Click here.

Facts about Alcohol

Do you know how much alcohol is in a drink? Click the bottles above to find out and much more!

The science behind drug addiction

Click the mad scientist above to learn about the science behind drug addiction from abovetheinfulence.

Just the facts

Interested in the cold, hard facts about drugs and alcohol? Click the pic above for facts from abovetheinfluence.

Now that you know the bag of tricks....

Click the sign above for a role playing activity to identify the types of peer pressure. If you don't want to role play, you could read the scenario and have the students guess which type of peer pressure it is:
rejection, put down, reasoning, huddle, the look, the example

Peer Pressure...the bag of tricks

Who needs you as a friend anyway? You're such a baby! It won't hurt you!

Have your friends ever used these lines on you? Did you give in, even though you didn’t want to?

These are a few of the goodies in the Peer Pressure Bag-of-Tricks. The tricks include put-downs, rejections, and reasoning, as well as pressure without words, or unspoken pressure.

Try this game to see if you can identify the types of pressure.