Friday, November 21, 2008

Bean Esteem

1. Give each student 5 dried beans. Ask them to examine the beans and choose the "Best" bean. Don't give them any other information.

2. After 5 minutes, have some or all of the students to explain how they chose their "Best" bean.

3. Relate the beans to people by asking the following questions:
a. Are all of your beans the same on the inside?
b. Are all people the same on the inside?
c. When we eat the beans, do all the beans taste the same?
d. Imagine you are hanging off a cliff and are desperately clinging to a few blades of grass that are pulling loose from the ground. Suddenly, a hand appears from above to rescue you. Would you wait to see what that person looked like before you reached for help?
e. Is one bean better than another?
f. Is one person better than another?