Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Candy Game

  • Have participants sit in a circle
  • Give each person 10 pieces of candy
  • Go around the circle and have each person name one thing in their life that they think is special or some talent or ability that they possess
  • As each person says what they want to say, the other members of the group throw that person a piece of candy if that is not something that they have in common with that individual
Example: I say, "I can play the piano." If you can also play the piano you do nothing, but if you cannot play the piano you throw me a piece of candy
  • You should try to encourage the members of the group who are having a hard time thinking of something, as there should hopefully always be something to find in a persons life that is good
  • The game should hopefully end at a point where all members have the same amounts of candy again or at least where everyone has some so that no one feels left out - this up to the leader