Thursday, October 2, 2008

What is an advisory?

All students need a relationship with at least one adult in the school which is characterized by warmth, concern, openness, and understanding. The advisor plays the role of that one adult.

Tell your students that you are here to:
  • talk
  • listen
  • respect one another
  • share ideas and feelings
  • learn to solve problems and resolve conflicts
  • have fun
  • care about one another, both academically and socially
Advisors are NOT guidance counselors or psychologists. You just need to be yourself and do your best!

An advisory program can be viewed as three parts: academic, social, and team building. Below are some quick examples of those three elements:

  • organize binders
  • study skills
  • school rules
  • student handbook
  • facilitating discussions with teachers/parents
  • group games
  • self esteem activities
  • celebrate birthdays
  • have a party for good behavior/grades
Team Building:
  • community service
  • games/projects with another advisory